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Sawfish Indonesia diinisiasi oleh Conservation Leadership Programme untuk kawasan Asia Pasifik. Kami memiliki tujuan untuk melindungi populasi Pari Gergaji yang tersisa di Indonesia, dan salah satunya adalah di Merauke. Informasi selengkapnya tentang program dan rencana aktivitas kami dapat ditemukan di sini.


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Our Team

Abraham Sianipar


For nearly seven years Abam has been building CI-I’s Elasmobranch Conservation program into the incredibly successful program it is today. He has established an Indonesia-wide manta ray satellite tagging project (2014), developed a new method to mount tags on the dorsal fins of the world’s largest fish (whale sharks) in a way that allows the tag to send data to the satellite for 2 years – before growing out of the fin, causing no long-term damage to the animal, performing the world-first wild whale shark health assessment in collaboration with Georgia Aquarium, and with his scientific expertise and experience in the field, helping the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to further protect Indonesia’s shark and ray populations.

Sihar Aditia Benrid Silalahi


Project Manager

Sihar got his bachelor’s degree in Marine Science from IPB University, Indonesia. He has a strong interest in conservation, specifically in Elasmobranch conservation for sharks and rays. Previously, he had an internship with MantaWatch, working for Manta Rays conservation regarding tourism in Komodo National Park. For now, he’s planning to pursue higher learning in conservation and hoping to develop and manage Sawfish Indonesia to ultimately preserve sawfish population in Indonesia in a long-term. As the leader, he is responsible for managing overall project activities and maintaining relationships with partners and other collaborators

Yunita Wakhida


Socio-economic Researcher

Yunita Wakhida is a graduate of the socio-economics of fisheries and marine science, Brawijaya University. During her time as a student, Yunita was active as a fisheries and marine socio-economic practicum assistant. Yunita had experience in conducting research related to local wisdom and the social capital of coastal communities in dealing with natural disasters as a final assignment for lectures.

Iis Susiani


Communication Coordinator

Susiani earned her bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Technology from IPB University. She is an animal welfare enthusiast and strongly believes that every animal on this planet has their own right to live well just like us, humans. She has involved in the Sawfish Indonesia piloting project in Merauke since 2020 and responsible to support community outreach through workshops, youth community training, and social media campaign. Currently, her work focuses on developing community outreach through social media and coordinate partnership collaboration with diverse partners.

Dicky Dwi Rizky Nugroho

GIS Specialist

Dicky is a student from the University of Brawijaya, majoring in Marine Sciences. He got involved in non-formal education programs that provide conservation education based on local wisdom on the several rural coastal areas in East Java through Schoove (School of Coastal Environment). He realized that modern science that meets with local wisdom will be the key to better conservation. In this project, he is the man behind every map and digital media produced. He also handles project documentation to raise the awareness of the broad community about the conservation of sawfish in Merauke

Willy Anggraini

Project Webmaster

Willy Angraini graduated from Marine Science and Technology, IPB University. Since the beginning of her study, she got involved in research and volunteer programs of marine megafauna (Whale Shark, Manta Ray, and Dugong). Recently, she deepens knowledge of climate change and sustainability. She got an opportunity as a selected participant on the online course program “The Paris Agreement on Climate Change as Development Agenda” organized by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). She realizes that conservation can be achieved because of the coincides with sustainability itself.

Azizul Hakim

Oceanograpy Researcher

Azizul has completed his bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Technology, IPB University with undergraduate thesis title is Geochemical Partitioning Heavy Metal Pb and Zn within Sediment in Balikpapan Bay Waters. He has a huge interest in environmental sectors, marine biology, and conservation. Based on research he has done, he realized that environmental factors can affect water and sediment quality also indirectly impacted marine ecology and the organism. He will be one of the team members who analyze the data related to oceanography stuff

Laylia Nabilajauza Salmaisya

Project Member

Laylia studied marine science for her bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2020 from IPB University. Her undergraduate thesis is about marine mammals. She had been actively participating in wildlife conservation activities since 2017 as a member of Uni Konservasi Fauna, a conservation-based student organization at her university. She also gained work experience in marine conservation, one of her internships was with KEHATI Foundation